Corujão da Poesia

Todas as terças-feiras, poetas, escritores e amantes da literatura têm um encontro marcado para leitura e declamação de poesias.


O evento começa a partir das 21 h, no Restaurante & Pizzaria Pronto (Leblon - Rua Dias Ferreira, 33), e em seguida por volta das 00h30, quem resistir, poderá dar continuidade à programação na Livraria Letras & Expressões, no mesmo bairro, com a tradicional vigília até as 5 e meia da manhã.


Esta é a única vigília semanal de poesia, literatura e musica da cidade com o microfone aberto para que todos possam se manifesta. O evento não tem feriados e faça chuva ou faça sol, a programação é mantida religiosamente - graças a seus assíduos membros, como Joel do Saxofone e Jorge Ben Jor.


O Projeto ainda recebe doações de livros novos e/ou usados para a organização de bibliotecas e áreas de leituras em regiões carentes. Mais informações sobre as doações, podem ser obtidas pelo telefone 2138- 4851 (das 14h às 22h, com Marllow Piacentini ou João Luiz).




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  1. Alexandre | 23 agosto, 2009 17:56

    Otima dica. Ja fui e recomendo.

  2. Loup Noir | 23 setembro, 2009 13:23

    Nesta diversidade de formas e temas, combinada a profundidade da madrugada transforma o cotidiano em algo único.
    Uma experiência simples e contundente que nos leva a dividir um pouquinho de nós e absorver o que a alma clama… Vida…

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    On Oct. 27, assailants believed by many to be cartel members blew up at least nine electric power plants in Michoacan and bombed a number of federally run gas stations. The attacks amplified the growing concern that the state has devolved into something worse than a mere distraction for a president who took office in December hoping to downplay the drug war and focus on the economy.

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    She sent a letter Tuesday to state auditors asking them to look into the propriety of the monthly newsletter, sent to more than 5,000 people, mostly , since June.

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    For all Americans who care about their country, and who want to feel safe again, the frustration grows over the failure of our nation’s leaders to do anything at all about reducing the violence.

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    Cue much huffing and puffing from Labour MPs. But what on earth did they expect?

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    BI: What traders did you look up to as a kid growing up?
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    The result is a stern new challenge for the White House as it struggles to fix website woes for the signup portal for those seeking to enroll under the law, and simultaneously copes with angry consumers who rightly or wrongly blame “Obamacare” for cancellation letters mailed by insurers.
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    The paper ended with this conclusion: “Answering their plea for optimism, confidence, and leadership will go further towards wooing them than blaming the system for unfairness.”
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    Buttler’s availability was perfectly timed for Lancashire, following their promotion back to Division One of the County Championship. Even after releasing Gareth Cross, they do have a talented young wicketkeeper on their books in Alex Davies, a 19-year-old from Darwen who is also a hard-hitting batsman and has played for England under-19s. But he should still receive plenty of first-team chances when Buttler is away with England’s one-day team, allowing Lancashire to ease him gently into the first-class game.
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    It’s hard to believe, but a 1970s economist weighted unemployment and inflation equally in the misery department. But that notion may be changing. A group of economists, including?Dartmouth College professor David G. Blanchflower, is today at the Federal Reserve of Boston’s annual research conference. They’ve developed a “misery ratio” that says unemployment is four times as bad as inflation.
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    Well, there is a difference. It was reported a few weeks ago that Labour had abandoned its plan to cut VAT. What Ed Balls actually said in his speech on 3 June was: “Today, with growth prospects still very uncertain … a temporary VAT cut now is still the right prescription … ”
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    There were a variety of reasons for that: Those who planned to try again were more likely to have family or friends in the United States or had a job waiting for them. (About 51 percent of migrants said they had a job already lined up.) And 13 percent of border crossers said they considered the United States their home?— so where else would they go?
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    These groups will be led by art therapists experienced in traumatic loss work with children and will be provided at no cost to the families.
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    BBC Monitoring, based in Caversham in southern England, selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from 150 countries in more than 70 languages.
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    King says its decision last year to shift its focus to its mobile platform was pivotal because that market was booming and the game suited it well.
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    “We achieved what we set out to do, which was to disrupt communications and lower German morale,” says Mr Robertson. “When you are a German coming back from Normandy having suffered a pasting and you think you are in a nice easy area and all of a sudden you are getting a dozen Vickers machine guns blasting at you it doesnt do your morale any good.”
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    Published October 10, 2012
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    That sentiment is mirrored in opinion polls. In surveys by the Pew Research Center in May and June, 91% of Republicans said they planned to vote for Romney this fall despite the divisive primary campaign. In the same polls, 71% of white evangelicals said they intended to vote for Romney, not far from the 73% who voted for Sen. in 2008. When a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll asked whether voters thought a Mormon president would “cause concerns,” were more likely to say yes than Republicans.
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    This Palladium set was the biggest of the run yet, and the band ripped through a set list heavy on the new work, with a couple glimpses back. One of the latter, its cover of ’s “Uncontrollable Urge,” hit like a water balloon, with vocalist Win Butler, wearing a huge papier-mache head, doing his best Mark Mothersbaugh impersonation. He tapped the side of his noggin and ranted of “an uncontrollable urge — I want to scream and shout it!” Butler also alluded to the passing of with an impromptu run through a few lines of the Velvet Underground’s “Beginning to See the Light.”
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    But how can Iran be said to be “driving the agenda”? Aren’t they making concessions?
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    Aug 25 - RUGBY LEAGUE: Wembley: Challenge Cup final.
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    However Vaughan, who skippered England from 2003 to 2008, feels Bell, who bats at five, is ideally suited to moving up.
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    77 min Crunching tackle from Cahill on Streller and that will be the end of the big centre forward’s night as he comes off for Giovanni Sio.
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    Jan. 17: Co-founder Jerry Yang leaves the company as he steps down from the board of directors. He had been on Yahoo’s board since its 1995 inception.
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    Jo Shapcott
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    Yet for all that, the Tories still show the signs of a party facing defeat. Indeed, No 10 seems to have started to writing its script for a loss: MPs are being told that any Conservative defeat would be down to a strong Ukip performance, the Ukippers picking up anti-Tory votes from the Lib Dems and Labour. Don’t be surprised if Tory high command tries to offer the troops a strategic silver lining in the tactical cloud, arguing that Eastleigh could ultimately help the Tories see off the Ukip threat in 2015. This proves that a vote for Ukip only costs the Tories seats, they’ll tell disaffected Conservatives flirting with Farage’s mob.
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    Covering around 80 square miles between Bodmin and Launceston, Bodmin Moor is a corner of Cornwall that few people take the time to explore. It is one of the countys oldest and most fascinating landscapes: a high heath formed on a ridge of 300 million-year-old granite thats been weathered by aeons of wind and rain, forming a rugged panorama of scattered boulders, twisted tors and craggy hills.
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    What’s more, Twango offers an impressive list of “actions” for each photo, audio file or video clip - you can email it to a friend, add it to your favorites, subscribe to the channel, add the user to your contacts and create an instant slideshow. They also offer a range of options for posting to social networking sites - you can link to the file, create a thumbnail or grab some custom code to embed in your profile page. To make it super easy, they’ve added step-by-step guides for users on , , , eBay and Craigslist, but obviously all the usual suspects are supported (, , , etc). You can’t embed audio files yet, but that’s coming soon.
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    Instead, his horror of war came secondhand. He was a psychiatrist who listened to the harrowing stories of his comrades at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC, and latterly at Fort Hood, Texas.
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    Far from surrounding herself with sychophants, as so many stars do, Winehouse dealt with success by surrounding herself with thoughts that brought her down and people who brought her downers. Something in her nature was so macho and so cocky, and yet so self-effacing, that she could never quite enjoy the compliment, or sit back and say, yeah, I’ve done pretty well, good for me. Mark Ronson, the producer responsible for bringing out so many of the great moments on Back to Black, told me this when I interviewed him:
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    When a surplus of slack coal accumulates in the coal-place, fill 2lb sugar cartons with it.
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    We created a Storify of tram users tweets as they struggled to get to grips with Metrolink’s version of “good service”.
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    TheFCA, which came into being in April this year, has promised to strengthenprotections for consumers, with its powers to step in quickly and sort outproblems, impose unlimited fines and compel businesses to give people theirmoney back when they have lost out due to poor treatment.
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    Since 1999, when the Broughton Boxing Club was first affiliated to the Amateur Boxing Association, former accomplished Arrow ABC boxer and coach Steve Goodwin has headed the club,?with?George Gilbody, the former Olympic and England team captain as treasurer.
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    United hold a 15-point advantage over their rivals heading into Monday’s derby clash at Old Trafford.
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    Middleton officers may also be asked to ferry Heywood colleagues to and from their beat.
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    , 5-9, G, Soph., Morgan State
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    So: regulation of lobbyists is likely to prove ??difficult?? (this current scandal is caused by the ease with which the morally ambivalent circumvent the rules: surely we learned from New Labour that it??s not the precision with which a rule-making algorithm can be described that predicts beneficial or otherwise outcomes?) while recall hasn??t progressed because no-one could agree the mechanism by which it should be activated. Neither would it affect the House of Lords. We don??t want to elect the upper chamber, do we, remember? So how do we fix that?
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    Eso provocó el malestar en los trabajadores que reclaman que sus sueldos se equiparen al de los choferes del sector privado. Esto significa 35% de aumento para legar a los 4.600 pesos de bolsillo que cobra un chofer que recién comienza su función.
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    Se estima que Ampros -que hoy se reúne con el Gobierno- también rechazará esta propuesta y es muy posible que suceda algo similar en la asamblea convocada para esta ma?ana por Sitea.
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    More than96% of men treated for the disease today are still alive after 10 years,compared with fewer than 70% in the 1970s.Police probe twitter attack on MP
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    Staff first asked the pupils if they had been involved in the rioting on August 9 and threatened to call police if there was any evidence they had been.
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    Her escort is the hotel’s resident manager Paul Bayliss. The atmosphere is romantic and as they walk to her suite, the pair politely flirt. The Oscar-winning actress asks if Paul is married. He tells her: “Yes. So who’d have thought I’d be taking Meryl Streep to her room on Valentine’s weekend?”
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    “This is not about doctors deceiving patients,” said Dr Jeremy Howick, co-lead author of the study from the University of Oxford.
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    “People like to say that when Duvalier was in power there was security. There was no security, there was total insecurity, ” said Alix Fils-Aimé, 58, once jailed in the cell across from Duval.
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    The challenges of selling air conditioning to the masses
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    MR. QUATTRONE:? That would be great.? Maybe the slide, the first slide that has all those circles on it.
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    ? is a USA TODAY content partner offering financial news and commentary. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.The Transportation Security Administration follows strict security measures for passengers boarding airplanes. The government agency requires complete access to the contents of baggage, which resulted in the development of TSA locks. The locks allow TSA staff to open baggage at random to view the contents. You can set a unique three- or four-digit code for the locks. TSA staff has access to a bypass key for basic types of TSA locks, which allows them to open the locks without causing damage to it. You have the option of resetting a TSA lock.Step 3
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    Pierre Garcon has now set a new career high for receiving yards in a season. He’s got 951 on the season.
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    He said: ??We are not 100 per cent opposed to building houses on this land, but it’s got to be on our terms and we’ve got to get the best deal for that area.
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    In his Times (paywall) on Wednesday the former Work and Pensions Secretary spoke of his desire to “go back to Beveridge” and the principle that “everyone would put something in, and everyone would get something out”.
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    Hornish chased down Busch and grabbed the lead from him with 21 laps to go, but Busch took over the top spot for good with just eight laps left.
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    ant la signature d’un accord préliminaire avec Airbus pour acheter 135 A320, Boeing entend asseoir sa domination sur ce marché bien plus lucratif que les moyen-courriers, où le déficit public approchera 4,tat-providence est l’exemple de ce développement qui a fait gonfler le PIB après la guerre. Dennis Lockhart, la livre britannique baissait face à l’euro, est peu surprenante, “Il fait partie des options s’il devient disponible”, le fait de ne pas s’incliner en virage sera sans doute modérément apprécié de votre passager. ?

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    With a household after tax income of ?821 per week, you have a higher income than around 77% of the population – equivalent to about 46.1 million individuals.
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    He was 3-0 with a 1.71 with 24 strikeouts in 26 innings with two wins over the Yankees, including the clinching Game 6, and the only win for the Rangers in the World Series.
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    Two brothers with the last name Mak, aged 27 and 28, approached the prolific producer and director during filming and demanded payment of HK$100,000 ($12,900). It is not known why they asked for the money.
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    Unless there is an influx of foreclosures posted by the end of the year, the housing market in North Texas appears to be back on the rise.
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    Loretta divorced Danny shortly after he disappeared. She then sold the couple’s home. Loretta moved, more than once, according to the Burroughs family, and was living at the home on Hampshire Drive in Ventnor where the body parts were found.
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    Some former soldiers even help pack boxes when they return from overseas.Retired military pilot said the boxes are a “little reminder of a better place” anda reminder that “you’ll get home eventually.”It isnt Hollywood. But thats exactly why some prefer the Dallas film market to the better known ones.
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    The Destiny’s Child singer, who is currently teaming back up with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland for a new album, revealed recently that she was suffering from moderate depression, but thankfully, has surpassed that dark period in recent months thanks to exercise, therapy and positive thinking, according to .
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    The Irish players said they finally were able to play well enough to beat the Trojans in South Bend.
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    If you have not yet received your first issue and would like Insider access now, please contact ESPN The Magazine and ask for your account number (a.k.a. ESN) so you can complete the conversion steps above.
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    “But it’s likely to be a short-term lift for the euro,” Esiner said. He described proposals to fortify bailout funds as “band-aid plans,” given that thefactors behind Greece’s insolvency and euro zone weakness remain unaddressed.
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    Not so much Spain, but Italy, because Italians apparently have tremendous amount of the same type of currency swap deals on their books that they havent really disclosed, where they have sold forward a lot of their state revenues and have a lot of their creative bookkeeping on their finances. If those come to light and the market begins to see this, then there is a much greater big sovereign risk for Italy, which has a much higher debt per GDP ratio, then the Euro begins to suffer.
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    AIG’s credit default swaps business, more traditionally a banking or hedge fund activity, turned sour in the financial crisis in 2008, leaving it open to huge liabilities.
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  377. was created by three young women who used to be members of the church, including Jenna Miscavige Hill, who is a niece of Scientology’s leader David Miscavige. Hill’s parents joined when she was 2 years old. Both her parents were high-ranking members of Sea Org.
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    But Tully hasnt the same option. Entering (and exiting) the Big Brother house means she has agreed to have her life examined by the public. And since her relationships have been the biggest issue of the show for this season, the producers asked her to come back to answer questions from the viewers and host Sonia Kruger.
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    “The Shore,” Terry George and Oorlagh George
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    The study was presented at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association in Denver, California. It outlines how the Renewable Fuel Standard requires an increase of renewable fuel production to 36billion gallons per year by 2022 and that about 13billion gallons of renewable fuel was required for 2010. In reality, it is believed that 10 per cent ethanol cannot be blended in all regions and seasons and that the effective maximum is nine per cent which amounts to 12.6billion gallons. Therefore the ability to consume ethanol has hit the blend wall. If the current blend is maintained, the ethanol industry cannot grow.
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    In September 2013, tech-news site The Verge, posted a video titled: “How Siri found its voice.” This video sparked misinterpretations that the featured voiceover talent, Allison Dufty, was Siri. But she was quick to clarify that she is “absolutely, positively NOT the voice of Siri.”
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    “That is how it should be. If people don’t end up in prison over this scandal I worry it will further perpetuate the sense that there is one rule for the financial system and another set of rules for the rest of society.”
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    However, EPA Administrator Jackson said testing shows E15 does not harm emissions control equipment in newer cars and light trucks. “Wherever sound science and the law support steps to allow more home-grown fuels in America’s vehicles, this administration takes those steps,” she said.
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    If McElroy kept a scrapbook of every game he’s ever gone to it would read like a history book of great Los Angeles sports moments from the past 20 years. Born five months before Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series, he has seen the Kings play in the Stanley Cup finals, the Angels win the World Series and the Lakers win the NBA title. He’s essentially had a front-row seat to L.A. sports history thanks to his father, Greg McElroy Sr., who worked in the Kings’ and Dodgers’ front offices and is now the senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Dallas Cowboys.
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    He challenged Rangel in 1994 and lost, but held the congressman to 58 percent of the vote. In 2004, Clayton Powell went the exploratory committee route, but then pulled the plug rather than give up his assembly post. (This graph has been updated, as per the input of Jerry Skurnik).
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    There was a thoughtful piece from ohdearime who suggested that to get rid of our career politicians with no experience of real life we should?raise the voting age to 20, to 50 for becoming an MP, and limit Members to only two Parliaments.?I see his point, but a limit of 50 for MPs is far too high.?Five years?? active military service does not leave a man wet behind the ears at 24 or 25, and Margaret Thatcher served?as Prime Minister in three Parliaments.
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    The next step for the U.S. to resolve differences with other nations, including France and Germany, could involve Internet governance rules, including how transparent is the U.S. willing to be and what restrictions American agencies willing to accept, said James Lewis, a cybersecurity analyst at CSIS.
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    Social media and cable news have also changed the playing field, Simmons pointed out. “Those two factors I think make a rhetorical candidacy even more impactful,” he said. “So maybe they dont make every ballot in every state, but they push the debate in a way that forces the other two parties to have to react to it.”Malou Innocent is a foreign policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute. Follow her on Twitter .
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