O Melhor do Japonês é o Drink



Por favor, não se deixe enganar pelo título. As entradinhas e os makimonos do Geisha Hi Tech, no Rio Plaza Shopping, são de comer de joelhos.  Pedi o Haru Hot Shiimeji (enrolados empanados de shitake com cream cheese) e o Hot Roll (enrolados de salmão, kani, salsinha e cream cheese, envolto na casquinha de harumaki) e ambos são de pedir bis.


A questão é que você não espera encontrar bebidas tão diferenciadas – além do bê-a-bá do sakê - e que sejam tão bem feitas em um sushi bar.


Para o povo que quer esquentar a noite, há diversos drinks de rum e tequila, como o Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, Granadine e suco de laranja) e as tradicionais margueritas e Mojitos. Para dar um toque mais sofisticado, há bebidas deliciosas com espumante como o Bikkuri Surpresa (Chandon, suco de abacaxi, vodka e gengibre) e Champanhe Fraise (Chandon, Suco de Morango e Granadine).  Eu apostei no tradicional Whisky Sour (Jackie Daniels,  Suco de Limão e borda de bailarina de açúcar) e acertei. Estava no ponto.


Geisha Hi-Tech

Rua General Severiano, 97 – Botafogo - Telefone: (21) 2275-5392


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  1. Flavia | 27 agosto, 2009 17:20

    Me deu uma vontade de tomar esse drink ai da foto! Adooro suas dicas!

  2. Loup Noir | 21 setembro, 2009 11:35

    A combinação de drinks contemporâneos e ousados com os tradicionais sabores japoneses turbinados, realmente tornam o passar do tempo, ao lado da companhia perfeita e cercado por uma decoração moderna, muito prazeroso. Fui, Vi e Adorei !!!

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    Former Board of Finance member , Tarzia’s political ally, who also battled ethics complaints while in office, said he doesn’t see any merit in his former colleague’s claim against Sargent.
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    Even so, James Leaton, the research director for the Carbon Tracker Initiative, countered that many investors weren’t even asking about these risks yet.?”The valuations of these fossil-fuel companies are based on certain assumptions about reserves,” Leaton told me in an interview earlier this year. “But if you put in different assumptions, you get very different answers. We’re trying to get investors to think about those different outcomes.”
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    Critically important, there were 21 Whitlam government bills that had met the requirements for a double dissolution, and these were available for Fraser to cite in his advice for a double dissolution.
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    Romney has found himself ensnared in an idiotic controversy: Was he or wasn’t he the head of when it made investments that led to outsourcing? He says he left Bain in 1999 to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympics. But documents show he was CEO on paper after 1999, when the company began outsourcing. Romney says he was not making day-to-day decisions. This defense absurdly boils down to Bain being angelic until the moment he left, when it turned diabolic.
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    “I think when these kids get home and they realize they’re state champions, they’ll get reenergized,” Bergen said. “We have nothing to be ashamed of. I think we showed championship character by playing with 10 men and overcoming the constant pressure from them.”
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    “We want the program to be sustainable. We think that’s right, but we don’t think that this is the right way to make it sustainable, on the backs of these homeowners and other taxpayers who have done nothing wrong,” Jindal said.
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    DONATIONS: The Red Cloud Indian School gets the overwhelming majority of their funding through private donations and they receive no government subsidies.
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    O’Grady also suggested that 33-year-old Garcia is unlikely to be punished by the PGA or European tours for his comments, but the Spaniard has already found himself in trouble elsewhere. TaylorMade-addias, one of his biggest sponsors have moved quickly to condemn Garcia’s offensive words.
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    It’s not a cap, it’s a trap. That’s the essential fact of Mr Osborne’s slightly over-complicated plans to put a limit on elements of Annually Managed Expenditure from April 2015.
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    An area the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined, the reservation is considered a “food desert,” defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a low-income community without ready access to healthy and affordable food. Ecoffey, who is also the Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent for the Pine Ridge Agency, tells ABC News that healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are unavailable because of what he says are limited resources.
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  374. Labour’s leader must reopen the investigation, suspend the individuals at the centre of the scandal and clear up this while sordid mess once and for all. It’s no longer about the rigging of one CLP selection. It’s about Ed Miliband’s credibility as a leader, and as a potential Prime Minister.”Some now, unfortunately, are dazzled by the figures being bandied about, but until commercial oil is actually flowing and royalties being received we must proceed with caution,” Jan Cheek, who is one of the five new legislators for Stanley, said in her campaign manifesto.
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    ? The Coalition must survive: “The events of recent weeks have had some looking for cracks in the coalition,” he says. He reminds his colleagues it was formed “to provide our country with strong, stable leadership through difficult times”. Current conditions underscore the need to keep it going. “We came together in the national interest, and we must stay together in the national interest.”

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