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    In a recent Resurgent Republic poll, 51% of Florida Latinos said they had a favorable view of Rubio — but slightly more, 55%, said they had a favorable view of Obama. And that’s in Florida, where Cuban Americans, who tend to be more conservative than other Latinos, make up about a third of the state’s Latino population. In other words, many of Rubio’s home-state voters, who know him best, appear to view him as a Tea Party conservative who happens to be Latino, rather than the other way around.
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    Labour have grasped the wrong nettle. The issue the party has to address at this point in the parliament is not spending on specific budget lines. It is its broader approach to the fiscal challenges facing the economy. Labour has to have a clear line on the scope, and pace, of its own deficit reduction strategy ? And its own “golden rule” on net spending in relation to the Coalition’s proposals; proposals that will be outlined in more detail this coming December.
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    Thirty years later, marginal tax rates still plague us: A single mother working part time loses 96p for every extra pound she earns, and he’s angry about it. So was the conference: this produced the other standing ovation, and helped gloss over the new 50p marginal rate for the rich.

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    Copyright 2013 by The Associated PressPodcastStationDateSedano & StinkESPN RadioOct 21, 2013ESPN: Listen Closely to Linda CohnESPN RadioOct 24, 2013ESPN: OlbermannESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: The Paul Finebaum ShowESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Numbers Never LieESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Inside The Huddle with John ClaytonESPN RadioAug 30, 2013ESPN: Marty and McGeeESPN RadioOct 22, 2013ESPN: Around the HornESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Baseball Tonight with Buster OlneyESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: Behind the Bets with Chad MillmanESPN RadioOct 23, 2013ESPN: Behind The Dish with Keith LawESPN RadioOct 22, 2013ESPN Radio: Best of Mike and MikeESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: Big Head Red Head PodcastESPN RadioOct 10, 2013ESPN: Dan Le Batard is Highly QuestionableESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Front and CenterESPN RadioOct 23, 2013ESPN: SportsCenter AllNight PodcastESPN RadioAug 3, 2013ESPN The Magazine PodcastESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN Radio: Dari and MelESPN RadioOct 26, 2013ESPN: Fantasy UndergroundESPN RadioOct 24, 2013ESPN: Monday Night PreviewESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Outside The LinesESPN RadioOct 27, 2013ESPNU: College BasketballESPN RadioOct 21, 2013ESPNU: College FootballESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: Fantasy Focus BaseballESPN RadioOct 14, 2013ESPN: Fantasy Focus BasketballESPN RadioOct 22, 2013ESPN: Fantasy Focus FootballESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: First DraftESPN RadioAug 13, 2013ESPN: First TakeESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: Football TodayESPN RadioOct 28, 2013Grantland Pop CultureESPN RadioOct 26, 2013Grantland SportsESPN RadioOct 26, 2013ESPN: Heavy Hitting Boxing PodcastESPN RadioOct 23, 2013His & HersESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Hockey TodayESPN RadioOct 23, 2013ESPN: In The Gate ESPN RadioOct 27, 2013ESPN: The Jayski PodcastESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: NBA Lockdown with Bruce BowenESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN: PTIESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN Recruiting Nation: The Verbal CommittmentESPN RadioJul 25, 2013ESPN Radio: His & Hers DailyESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN Radio: SVP & RussilloESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: The B.S. Report with Bill SimmonsESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: The Poker EdgeESPN RadioOct 22, 2013ESPN: The Sporting Life with Jeremy SchaapESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: Tony KornheiserESPN RadioOct 28, 2013ESPN Radio: Thundering HerdESPN RadioOct 25, 2013ESPN: We Are SCESPN RadioOct 22, 2013ESPN: X GamesESPN RadioSep 3, 2013ESPN New York: Michael KayESPN New YorkOct 25, 2013ESPN New York: Stephen A. Smith & Ryan RuoccoESPN New YorkOct 25, 2013The Mike Lupica ShowESPN New YorkOct 25, 2013ESPN New York: Robin LundbergESPN New YorkOct 28, 2013ESPN New York Tonight with Bill DaughtryESPN New YorkJul 20, 2013ESPN New York: NY Jets PodcastESPN New YorkOct 27, 2013ESPN LA: ESPN LA NowESPN Los AngelesOct 25, 2013ESPN LA: Mason & IrelandESPN Los AngelesOct 25, 2013ESPN LA: Max & MarcellusESPN Los AngelesOct 25, 2013ESPN LA: Weekend WarriorESPN Los AngelesOct 26, 2013ESPN LA: Clippers PodcastESPN Los AngelesOct 15, 2013ESPN Chicago: Waddle & SilvyESPN ChicagoOct 25, 2013ESPN Chicago: Carmen and JurkoESPN ChicagoOct 24, 2013ESPN ChicagoESPN ChicagoOct 24, 2013ESPN Chicago: Best of ESPN 1000 ESPN ChicagoOct 25, 2013ESPN Chicago: Talkin’ BaseballESPN ChicagoOct 26, 2013ESPN Chicago: Chauncey’s Great OutdoorsESPN ChicagoOct 26, 2013The Chicago Bulls generally dont like giving contracts with opt-out clauses in them. Carlos Boozer didnt get one in the huge deal he signed with the team in the summer of 2010. Neither did Joakim Noah or Luol Deng on their big long-term contracts.
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    Grambling spokesman Will Sutton said late Friday that the has labeled the game as a “no contest” and that university officials would have no further comment.
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  288. 4. Vampire Teeth
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    So what did you think of the episode? Do you agree with Trump’s characterization of the “amazing” boardroom? Was Tia’s move one of the dumbest in Celebrity Apprentice history? How do you think the women will work together next week, now that everyone has been attacked by everyone? Will Lisa and Clay have more eruptions? Will Dayana call Aubrey “Obrey”? And will Paul Teutul Sr. finally learn what the word “viral” means!? Dalton Ross is back next week for your usual debauchery, but I’ll be watching, waiting and worrying that with every further episode of Celebrity Apprentice, I lose a little more faith in humanity. Farewell!INSULT #1: “Why don’t you write up a memo and I’ll try to become a huge failure by listening to how you work.” I have to be honest: This one is kind of weak. For a professional roaster, I expect a bit more. In her defense, Lisa was just getting warmed up.
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    Meanwhile, in a sub-storyline that barely intersected with the Packer plot, Andy schemes to get a new computer from office manager Pam after noticing the shiny Mac — the same computer Gwen Stefani has! — that Pam had purchased for Erin. This portion of the episode was pretty slight, but it did lead to a few great gags. My favorites: the sign-up sheet for the conference room (in case you missed it: Ryan schedules three jam sessions, Angela calls it for a conference call, Phyllis plans to hold a five-minute knitting circle, and Kevin wants to get in there for a nap) and Andy gleefully mucking up his hard drive with a Somalian music site and a carefully placed piece of baloney. I think Pam and Andy could stand to have more story lines together — they play off each other well. Pam also seems to be at her best lately when she’s scheming.
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    “I believe as a musician and with music from these great composers and these amazing orchestras that I get to conduct,” he added, “we can offer a heart to unite the world and humanity.”Luke Guthrie took only 19 putts in his round of 7-under 65, giving Americans the top three spots on the leaderboard Thursday in the BMW Masters.
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    The arrival of Memphis into the league: The Tigers should have been one of the first adds by the Big East — before the breakup. Memphis provides a hoops hotbed, a passionate fan base, a pro arena and a perennial contender. Memphis also is a destination, one of the few in the league, and was a natural to host the first men’s basketball tournament. The Tigers shouldn’t have a shortage of talent in any year, but this is also the toughest conference Memphis has been in since the five schools left Conference USA and moved to the Big East in 2005. The onus is on Memphis to ensure that it competes for the title — even this season with Louisville — and beyond. Temple was a nice add as well due to its rich tradition and its inclusion of a major East Coast city in the fold. But Memphis should give the American an anchor for years to come.
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    McDonald said he would be open to supporting the bill, which he only heard last night would be on the agenda, if changes are made. He expressed concern that money owed to the tracks and other racing interests in his district would go unpaid under the bill since it would create a new New York City OTB corporation to replace the now defunct and bankrupt one.
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    Early in the fourth, Newton floated a ball on the left side for Armanti Edwards, who raced 82 yards to the hosts’ 9-yard line. Two plays later, a defensive pass interference call placed the ball at the one, and Newton dove over the goal line on the next down for a 21-6 game.Regular Season TotalsSEASONTEAMFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS’02-’03429-1032.41634-107.318309-375.824135262397213311372301921201′03-’04240-631.38010-42.238133-176.75692234326126137516291623′04-’05441-991.44538-125.304275-319.862146304450146231102131251195′05-’06494-1086.45541-120.342289-332.870114352466186181272381751318′06-’07451-975.46318-72.250283-328.863147320467233171341881811203′07-’08439-943.46666-185.357236-262.90193295388284201281601501180′08-’09491-1085.45365-210.310345-402.858118296414290201061652101392′09-’10157-357.44017-50.34079-104.76036109145499486747410′09-’10293-694.42225-95.263185-211.877682483161071568126113796′10-’11170-378.45028-65.43168-88.7732296118468285949436′11-’12287-705.40792-257.35887-107.813441862307885212377753′12-’13305-720.424128-330.38875-90.8334118222378115113972813′13-’1432-89.36015-40.37514-16.87573542907161893Career4229-9686.437577-1698.3402378-2810.846106329193982184519310711886150011413Carrie Underwood returns to the No. 1 show on prime-time television Sunday, only this time it’s NBC’s Sunday Night Football, not American Idol.
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